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Navigating Polarization: Insights from Behavioral Science

Kish Bar-On, Kati, Dimant Eugen, Lelkes Yphtach, and David G. Rand. (2024, under review). 

[preprint available here]

Neither Human Normativity nor Human Groupness Are in Humanity’s Genes: A Commentary on Cecilia Heyes’s “Rethinking Norm Psychology”

Kish Bar-On, Kati, and Ehud Lamm. (2024). Perspectives on Psychological Science

[pdf available here]

Connecting the Revolutionary with the Conventional: Rethinking the Differences Between the Works of Brouwer, Heyting, and Weyl

Kish Bar-On, Kati. (2023). Philosophy of Science 90, (3): 580–602

[pdf available here]

The Interplay of Social Identity and Norm Psychology in the Evolution of Human Groups

Kish Bar-On, Kati, and Ehud Lamm. (2023). Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 378 20210412

[pdf available here]

From Philosophical Traditions to Scientific Developments: Reconsidering the Response to Brouwer’s Intuitionism

Kish Bar-On, Kati. (2022). Synthese 200, 521.

[pdf available here]

Towards a New Philosophical Perspective on Hermann Weyl’s Turn to Intuitionism

Kish Bar-On, Kati. (2021). Science in Context 34(1), 51-68.

[pdf available here]

Obligations to Whom, Obligations to What? A Philosophical Perspective on the Objects of Our Obligations

Kish Bar-On, Kati. (2020). Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 43, E58. [Commentary on 'The moral psychology of obligation']

[pdf available here]

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