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I am a philosopher of science and social science with a keen interest in the dynamics of group behavior and its influence on individual actions and scientific progress. I am currently a Marie Skłodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellow in the Science, Technology, and Society (STS) program at MIT. Before that, I obtained my Ph.D. in history and philosophy of science from the Cohn Institute at Tel Aviv University.

My work is centered around two main projects: "Between Us, Within Us" and "Mathematics, Reality, and Us." The former intersects philosophy of psychology with behavioral science to delve into the interactions between groups, norms, emotions, and social identities. The latter project intersects the history of mathematics with philosophy of science to examine how these interacting elements influence the creation of mathematical knowledge.

Through these endeavors, I am developing a comprehensive conceptual framework to unravel how various theories and components are woven together and provide new ways of understanding the nature of human behavior as shaped by the constant interplay between mental qualities and social relations.​ My ultimate goal is to apply this framework to understand phenomena of wider importance, such as the intricate interplay of personal history, cultural context, and ethical behavior; the human ability to internalize and follow social norms; the ties between identity and emotions; and the political and social phenomena of polarization.

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